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5 Best Updos for Your Mountain Wedding

By Ashley Easton- Owner and Hair Stylist of A Vow To Artistry

When mountains are the backdrop to your wedding, you are likely to find yourself amidst some chaotic weather. A clear day can turn sour fast! Rain, wind, and sweat are most likely going to be your wedding crashers. So wipe that sweat off your brow and fear no more. Below, are a list of hairstyles that will hold up to nature and look great with any dress!

Flowing and Down

Photo by Jessica Christie Photography

Down and flowing is going to feel amazing on a bride who is relaxed and wants to see the wind play with her hair! She doesn’t mind that strands aren’t perfectly placed and pinned. If you love this carefree look but want a bit more stability, look for an accentuating accessory! When placed behind an ear, the piece can create great structure, while still allowing ultimate movement. To ensure longevity, curls need to be set before being brushed out. Be sure to use plenty of professional hair spray!

Photo by Hazel and Lace Photography

Flowing and down styles go especially well with open-backed dresses. The hair brings attention to the back while providing coverage from chilly breezes. Your hair will flow in the wind and while you are dancing, exposing the open dress!

Braids and Pony Tails

Photo by Taylor Jones Photography

When moisture is going to be a factor, braids are the optimal solution! The intricate braids that are popular today can withstand heavy rain without falling apart. If you have a lot of highlights or different colors in your hair, braids will showcase your colors. This style brings out pieces of hair that are usually obscured. A braided ponytail guarantees a sleek finish. If you are looking for a more playful look, leave the ponytail down and curled.

Photo by Taylor Jones Photography

Ponytails go amazing with any dress, but look extra complementary with closer silhouettes. The detail of braids can be very subtle, yet powerful, allowing the dress to take mainstage! Ponytails and braids lend to the sleek style and can be customised in numerous different ways.

Half up, Half down

Photo by Hazel and Lace Photography

By far, half-do’s are the most versatile hairstyle. This look will give wind tousled hair, structure, and intricate details. Hair accessories of all sorts look incredible with this style and veils can be placed or taken out with ease. If you are looking to incorporate beautiful braids or twists, half-up styles will highlight them perfectly!

Photo by Alisha Light Photography

Half hairstyles look fantastic with dresses that have open shoulders.


Photo by Alisha Light Photography

An updo is a classic style that showcases the woman. The updo is ideal in hot temperatures when hair simply needs to be swept up and stunning. You can have a very clean and sharp updo, or tousle it to keep it loose. A full updo claims the throne for ease! There is no fiddling with where a strand ‘should’ be laying.

Photo by Catherine Eichel Photography

Updos go exceptionally well with dresses that have sleeves!

Boho Updo

Photo by Taylor Jenson Photography

Over the years, stylists have evolved in their art, creating new cascading styles. These styles are the ultimate, “I would like everything” look. There is a divine mixture of sexy and elegant. A lot of hair is necessary when creating these styles. If you aren’t naturally packing an extremely thick head of hair, consider using clip-in extensions. A clip-in of a lighter color than your own hair color is an excellent idea to add dimension to photos!

Photo by Taylor Jenson Photography

Boho styles are harmonious with unique dresses. A two piece dress is absolute perfection with this laid back look! The two elements act in unison, and the waterfall of hair directs the eye to the skirt of the dress.

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