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Top 9 Budget Friendly Flowers for your Wedding

Whether you are dreaming of having your wedding in the stunning Rocky Mountains, along the west coast, in a picturesque barn in the Midwest or at home in your cozy backyard, you have most likely been looking into wedding flowers and wedding florists who can make those wedding floral dreams into a reality. Let’s be honest, you probably have a Pinterest board chalk full of wedding bouquet pictures and different arbor arrangements you are dying to have on your own wedding day. A secret wedding Pinterest board is essentially a rite of passage for single women in their 20s. I get it. Me too.

However, if you’re like me, you’re probably not eagerly waiting to spend $10-15K on the kind of wedding flowers your Pinterest board demands. Let me be the first to tell you – that is ok! Waterfalls of peonies, David Austin Garden Roses and Café Au Lait dahlias are probably not realistic expectations for us ladies and gentlemen on a tight wedding budget, but that does not mean you can’t have stunning wedding bouquets! You just need to find a florist who is willing to work within your budget and know what kind of flowers to ask for and expect. And on behalf of florists everywhere, please, do not ask for 10 cascading bouquets of lilies and roses on a budget of $500. We are begging you, please don’t.

So, to help alleviate your floral budget concerns, I have compiled a list of flowers that are lovely and affordable!

1. Carnations

Carnations are a great alternative for any wedding vibe. They can be attained in virtually any color or variegation, making it simple to achieve whatever style you are envisioning, whether boho, rustic or classic! Carnations are the white flowers in the bouquet below.

Photo provided by a customer.

2. Wax Flower

Wax flower is currently a very trendy floral filler, often found in bohemian or rustic style wedding bouquets. Wax flower comes in white, lavender, pink and yellow. They are the small white flowers featured in the picture above.

3. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the ideal flower for your rustic, summer wedding. Sunflowers are classic, bright and the perfect focal piece for any arrangement! They also come in large and small varieties!

Photo by: Anna Sees Photography

4. Delphinium

Delphinium is also included in the picture above (the tall blue flowers). Delphinium adds height and a full effect effortlessly to arrangements. It comes in purple, blue, red, yellow and white.

5. Veronica

Veronica is a perfect filler for any style wedding. It is a unique and lovely flower that serves as the perfect addition to any arrangement. The cutie tall, white flowers in the picture below are veronica!

Photo by: Anna Sees Photography

6. Mums

Mums come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. If you want another filler, choose a delicate button mum. If you need an eye-catching focal piece, choose a funky spider mum. If you love the full effect of larger flowers in bouquets, football mums are definitely the way to go. The beautiful yellow and white flowers pictured below are mums.

Photo by: Vanilla Pines Floristry

7. Snap Dragons

Snap dragons are the dreamiest filler flower to add to your wedding floral order. They add the garden flower essence to bouquets and arrangements without the cost. They also come in a variety of colors to fit with any wedding mood. The tall, purple flowers pictured below are snaps!

Photo by: Bio Photography

8. Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are another unique floral addition. This flower (pictured below) comes in a variety of shades of green from pale green to emerald. Bells of Ireland are often found in classic style bouquets, adding height like delphinium, but they have a cleaner look as opposed to the more rustic or boho feel of delphinium.

Photo by: Catherine Eichel Photography

9. Larkspur

Larkspur is very similar to delphinium, but a bit more delicate. They add height and shape to your bouquets, centerpieces and arbor arrangements, making your florals stand out instead of getting lost in the background. Larkspur comes in white, pink and lavender.

These are great option to use for the majority of your wedding bouquets and arrangements! Saving money with these flowers may even help you save room for a pop of a few of those dreamy garden flowers all over your Pinterest board. Be sure to ask your florist about these floral alternatives and the many other floral options to help you keep to your wedding floral budget!

Blog written by: Lauren Zanotto of Vanilla Pines Floristry, a wedding florist in Buena Vista, CO.

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